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Why "Draw with me"?

Edited by my beloved friend K.L

It’s on! I’m going to make “Draw with me” videos!

But… what is “Draw with me”?

It’s the same as the “Study with me” videos, but one difference. I won’t study, I draw.

More precisely, this is the type of video that a person films themselves working, oftentimes in silence. These videos offer a virtual atmosphere and encourages viewers to join in a highly concentrated work session.

Why do I want to make “Draw with me” videos?

1.      Because I was shocked to see 500 Gb.

Like my fellow artists who are more or less active on social networks, I’ve seen the invasion of short formats on all platforms in these recent years. Going with the flow of evolution, I started making reels and uploading shorts as well. Along with it, I started filming myself drawing.

This summer, I realized that over the course of one year, I recorded 500 Gb of video. All of them were solely footages of me drawing and working on my illustrations.

Even though reels and shorts are getting shorter and coming at denser frequency, the time needed to draw an illustration remains practically the same.

For this reason, alongside reels and shorts, I want to create a slower, more realistic, more authentic kind of contents that still can reflect the real process of creation. And the “Study/Draw with me” format seems to be the perfect solution.

But “fighting against the waste of 500 Gb of footages” is not the only reason for me to make “Draw with me” videos.

2.      Because it was the companion in the shadow of me pursuing my dream.

For 10 years, I studied, and then worked, in a field that had nothing to do with my dream of becoming an illustrator. Frankly, it was a long, difficult, complicated and frustrating 10 years. But the world kept turning. Exams, deadlines and responsibilities were no more tolerant just because I was an artist lost in the middle of engineers.

Those 10 years were rhymed with evenings when I left my Microsoft Word window open next to a “Draw with me video”.

These videos gave me the opportunity to work “side by side” with an artist. They gave me the illusion of having an artist friend. They made me believe that this scenery of an artist painting peacefully in their space filled with light would one day be my future too.

3.      Because we are not all the same when it comes to concentration.

Depending on our personality, our health, or our situation, all of us don’t have the same way nor the same capacity to enter the mode of intense concentration.

Regardless of kind of barriers that might prevents us to get into deep concentration, the Study/Work/Draw with me videos act like a tool to help us reducing these barriers, they bring all of us to the same condition to start focusing on the work at hands

Their direct, straight-to-the-point, distraction-free content helps prevent procrastination.

While studying or working can be lonely, these videos create a virtual “coworking” environment that could help with reducing our feelings of isolation.

Often, these videos offer a consistent time-structure to follow (e.g., 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of break…) which helps us establish a routine and manage our time more effectively.

4.      Because these videos will allow my Dijon cocoon apartment to stay with me a little longer.

Last month, I moved to a new place.

And so, I left the apartment that witnessed the most critical shifting point of my professional path. In that apartment, I was so happy to be back every evening after work at my “summer desk” – the table on the balcony, to finish a drawing. In that apartment, I was so happy to camp out at my “winter desk” – the board placed on top of an IKEA furniture in the living room, to start on an illustration order.

Though it’s all past memories, I couldn’t help but feeling happy to see this loving apartment again, stored in the 500Gb of footages. I hope by turning these footages into draw-with-me series, they will deliver to you all the determination, the productivity and, above all, the happiness that were nourished by this apartment.

5.      Because I want to be closer to you, my dear readers.

Without a doubt, the articles featured on this blog, the regular posts on my Instagram, and the videos uploaded on my YouTube channel are fruits of my own thoughts, creations, and productions. But they are the kind of contents that went through a thoughtful process of preparation and editing, carrying more or less with them a rigid dynamic that results from due process. On the other hand, the “Draw with me” videos are slices of my everyday life, and I hope they will give you a more relaxed place for us to keep each other company.

You’ll be working with me.

And occasionally perhaps …

You’ll see my eyebrows frowning even if the illustration I was working on was turning just very cute.

You’ll see that when I concentrate, I tend to tilt my head and hide the camera…

You’ll also see that sometimes I can’t concentrate, because my assistant Romarin decided that he would steal the show!

So… Are you ready to DRAW WITH ME?

Keep creating!

Tu Ha An

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