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My full name is “Tu Ha An”, you can call me An, and it’s pronounced “Ann”.

I help my clients to highlight their messages through my dreamlike and multicultural illustrations with powerful narratives.

I am Hanoian (Vietnam) and I live in Dijon (France).


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With globalization and the awareness of ordinary discrimination issues, the representation of minorities in communication has become a strong motivation for the media and brands to contribute to a more inclusive society. However, this mission remains delicate because it is difficult to find creative ways to express it, without producing stereotypes that further confine the concerned people.

I believe that making dreams is the best way to get messages across in a non-offensive way and to allow children and former children to dream beyond the limits of gender, social background, physical appearance or origin.

My goal is to offer my clients authentic and memorable artwork.

I create custom illustrations to highlight your messages, your products, your events, your brand. My dreamlike and multicultural illustrations adapt to your world and to your project.

Whether for editing, advertising, newspapers, or packaging… let your ideas speak for themselves. Together, we will bring them to life!

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My illustrations are mostly realized in watercolor, traditionally or digitally, which I mix with other mediums such as colored pencils, ink or markers to create a dreamlike multicultural harmony.

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Following the obstacle journey to live from my creations, I realized the gap between the general public’s vision of creative professions and reality (with the clichés of broken, perched or contemptuous artists who considered themselves better than everyone …).

This blog will be the place where I share the stories of creation, my thoughts on life during the journey to become an illustrator and the life lessons I learn from the creation process. I hope I can help to make people understand that creativity isn’t just for elites (or weirdo).

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    • 🇨🇵 Toutes mes illustrations (et matériels) sont garanties résistantes aux poils de chat. (Testé avec soin par l’assistant Romarin.)

J’espère que vous avez aussi hâte que lui de voir le rendu final de cette chouette collaboration avec @thaonguyenreads (A Holistic Educator). 

🇬🇧 All my illustrations (and materials) are guaranteed resistant to cat hair. (Carefully tested by Romarin the assistant).

I hope you're as eager as he is to see the final result of this great collaboration with @thaonguyenreads (A Holistic Educator).

🇻🇳 Tất cả tranh mình vẽ (cùng họa cụ của mình) đều được đảm bảo chống chịu lông mèo. (Thử nghiệm thực hiện với tất cả tình yêu bởi trợ lý Rau Thơm nhé!)

Mình hi vọng các đồng chí cũng háo hức y như Rau Thơm đang nóng lòng đón chờ xem phiên bản hoàn thiện của sự kết hợp giữa mình và @thaonguyenreadsn (A Holistic Educator).

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    • 🇨🇵 Il existe beaucoup de témoignage de créatif.ve.s qui racontent comment ils ont trouvé leur voie.

Avec le nouvel article de blog, je vais partager avec vous comment je pouvais être certaine que « photographe de mariage » n’était pas ma voie !

Vous trouverez le lien pour lire l’article sur mon profil.

🇬🇧 There are plenty of stories of how people working creative jobs found their calling. 

But with my new blog article, I’m going to share with you how I knew for sure that “wedding photographer” wasn’t for me!

You can find the link to read the article on my profile.

🇻🇳 Có lẽ chúng ta đều đã được nghe rất nhiều người làm sáng tạo kể về cách họ tìm ra con đường hoàn hảo dành cho mình.
Với bài blog mới nhất, mình sẽ chia sẻ với bạn làm thế nào mình có thể khẳng định chắc chắn rằng “chụp ảnh cưới” không phải là con đường của mình!

Các bạn có thể vào link trên bio của mình để đọc bài viết nhé. 

#blog #blogpost #blogarticle #findajob #careerpath #career #careerdevelopment
    • 🇨🇵 Et… on attrape les rayons de soleil pour coller sur ce dessin…

🇬🇧 And... we catch the sun rays to stick on this drawing…

🇻🇳 Và… chúng mình bắt lấy nắng rồi đan vào bức tranh…

#kidillustration #childrenbookart #watercolor #aquarelle #illustration #dailyart #childrenbook #childrenillustration #illustrationoninstagram #artoninstagram #illustrator #illustrationartist #artistoninstagram #dreamlike #onirique #multicultural
    • 🇨🇵 Ma vraie reprise de travail après 15 jours dédiés aux réponse des emails reçus durant mon absence (et je n’ai toujours pas finiiii). 

Quel plaisir de reprendre les pinceaux et de reprendre cette illustration inspirée par le texte de Thao Nguyen @thaonguyenreads (A holistic Educator), une blogueuse que j’admire et aussi une collègue que j’apprécie beaucoup. 

Et pour découvrir ce texte ? Soyez patients, Thao et moi, nous vous partagerons très bientôt ! 

🇬🇧 My real return to work after 15 days dedicated to replying to emails received during my absence (and I'm still not done yet).

What a pleasure to pick up the brushes again and work on this illustration inspired by the text by Thao Nguyen @thaonguyenreads (A holistic Educator), a blogger I admire and also a colleague I greatly appreciate.

And how to find out more about this text? Be patient, Thao Nguyen And I will share it with you very soon!

🇻🇳 Cuối cùng thì mình cũng thwucj sự quay lại “làm việc” sau 15 ngày chủ yếu trả lời email mình nhận được trong lúc đi vắng (thế mà vẫn chwua xong hết đâu ý).

Mình hạnh phúc khi lại được cầm cây cọ yêu thích, vẽ tiếp bức tranh lấy cảm hứng từ những dòng tự sự của Thảo Nguyên @thaonguyenreads (A holistic Educator), một blogger mình rất ngưỡng mộ, và cũng là người đồng nghiệp mình rất trân trọng.

Vậy những dòng đó viết về điều gì? Các đồng chí bình tĩnh kiên nhẫn nhé, Thảo và mình sẽ chia sẻ với các đồng chí sớm thôi.
    • 🇨🇵 Petit dessin - petite plante

🇬🇧 Small illustration - small plant 

🇻🇳 Bức tranh nhỏ xíu - cái cây nhỏ xíu

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